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Adobe Lightroom MOD APK - Premium Unlocked

Updated on March 9, 2022

Use the friendly user-interface to edit photos straight on your Android device. Apply filters, tweak parameters, etc. Download Adobe Lightroom MOD APK.

App Name Adobe Lightroom
Version 7.1.1
Updated March 9, 2022
Compatibility Android 6.0+
File Size 101.23 MB
Category Photography
Publisher Adobe
Link Google Play Link com.adobe.lrmobile
MOD Type Premium Unlocked

About Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is the official application for photo manipulation, coming from the desktop platform to your Android mobile device. If you are into this whole niche, you already know how dominant Adobe is. It's hard to imagine another fine product for working with images outside the palette offered by this company. To prove my point, allow me to mention some statistics existent on the Google Play platform. Since its launch day, this app has collected more than 100 million installs. As everybody can see, the user base is large.

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Now, let's go through its features and functionalities to show why this software has the crown concerning photo editing. The GUI, short for Graphical User Interface, offers a beautiful design, where we can launch from various tools with ease. Right off the bat, you can browse the pictures inside your gallery and then load the one you plan to edit. Don't hesitate in taking advantage of multiple presets provided by the app to make enticing changes to your photos with just a single tap.

Even though Lightroom brings some of the most advanced features for working with pictures, many focus on color adjustment only. If you have an image where the coloring is not that great, with the help of the tools provided inside the window, you can adjust and refine the color levels to change the way your photo looks. You can also tweak the tone, exposure, contrast, brightness, and so on. An experienced user might not consider tweaking these options as a game-changer, but they are.

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Finding the optimal balance between brightness, contrast, and saturation can change the way a photo looks and for the better. If the picture in question also has defects worth removing, please use the Healing Brush to do so. By appropriately managing advanced color grading, we can truly achieve great results and impress people with our artistic work. Plus, protect your projects by applying watermarks over them. Another essential feature is the bulk edit function because it allows you to edit multiple photos and have the same edits across these images.

Work with your phone's camera

In addition, Adobe Lightroom offers some unique controls for the camera built-in inside your device, and you can adjust the exposure, aperture, wide or telephoto lens, presets, etc. Use this app for editing photos and for managing your collections of pictures. Adobe Sensei is a function that appeals to AI technologies to tag and organizes the gallery based on objects and people found inside each photo. Someone who loves photography will definitely appreciate this functionality to the maximum. If the user wants to find pictures containing mountains, for example, all he has to do is type that word and wait for the app to fetch the relevant results. Although Sensei works well, we can still use additional tools like flags and ratings to mark and further organize our favorite photos.

adobe lightroom mod apk

Save your projects in the Cloud

Since cloud storage became so accessible nowadays, Adobe Lightroom brings the best cloud-based service for photography lovers. Retouch and improve the quality of each shot and have everything backed up on the cloud. Search through them by typing keywords.

Download Adobe Lightroom MOD APK for Android

Before you proceed to download Adobe Lightroom with or without MOD, you should make sure your device is able to run it as intended. Make sure your Android version is at least Android 6.0+. The location of these download links will change from time to time, just as the APK versions, but we make sure they are safe and free to access. Press the button to download Adobe Lightroom APK. We also offer the original, untouched files in case you don't want to use mods.

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