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Updated on March 9, 2022

Join the largest and most known video-sharing platform in the world. Watch countless vids and listen to music. Download YouTube MOD APK for free!

App Name YouTube
Version 2.6.2 (Crimson)
Updated March 9, 2022
Compatibility Android 5.0+
File Size 4.26 MB
Category Video Players & Editors
Publisher Google LLC
Link Google Play Link
MOD Type Premium Unlocked

Introduction of YouTube

Youtube is the official Android application created for smartphones and tablets that users can use to access the popular video-sharing platform known under the same name. Here, you will find a variety of videos from multiple categories. But before I get into the details, let's see how everything started for this well-known website. Launched back in 2005, it didn't take a lot of time to conquer a large portion of the market, thanks to its sleek but comprehensive design.

YouTube apk download

Once this service became a household name, a company called Google decided to buy it. Since then, this platform continues to grow and maintain its dominance in a niche populated with other similar websites. The aspect that makes YouTube the best by far has to do with a comfortable viewing experience and optimization. You only have to tap a few times on the screen, and you can start watching appealing content.

Free content and easy-to-use interface

Not only that, but the majority of the videos on this service are free to consume. We can't deny how important is this topic. If the majority of the content creators available on this site would charge money to access their creations, I'm pretty sure it won't go that far.

Download YouTube mod apk

The interface comes with shortcuts to access different sections easier. Users can switch from recommended videos and subscriptions. If you have an account on this platform, you can use it to log in and gain access to your videos and subscriptions. You can also create new subscriptions, create new playlists, add videos to these playlists, upload videos, and edit videos, and so on. While watching a video, you can perform simple tasks such as going full-screen, change video quality, enable/disable captions, zoom in, fast-forward, or rewind. We can induce some of these actions by using gestures on the touch screen. You can share your opinions on a video by posting inside the comment section without problems. You need to be logged in with an account to use this feature.

Adjust the video orientation and video quality

Since the viewing experience is an aspect that can make or ruin a video-sharing platform, Youtube offers an autorotation feature that matches the video orientation with the position of the mobile device. For example, if the user has its smartphone in the landscape position, the app presents the video in wide mode to please the viewer. However, it's easier to see the suggestions and comments posted by people in the portrait mode. We can press the play and pause buttons with ease and even pick something different to watch.

YouTube Premium apk

AI learns from user behavior

The more content we consume on this platform, the better because the app learns from our interests to recommend relevant videos. Some users see this functionality as intrusive, but it's essential as long as the user base demands relevant content as their recommendations. Another crucial feature of this application is the ability to switch between multiple quality presets. If your internet connection is not that fast and stable, you should watch videos in lower resolutions like 480p and 720p. For those with no bandwidth problems, the sky is the limit. If the content creator publishes a video in 4K, you can watch it in that resolution or lower ones.

Download YouTube MOD APK for Android

Before you proceed to download YouTube with or without MOD, you should make sure your device is able to run it as intended. Make sure your Android version is at least Android 5.0+. The location of these download links will change from time to time, just as the APK versions, but we make sure they are safe and free to access. Press the button to download YouTube APK. We also offer the original, untouched files in case you don't want to use mods.

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